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The Level Up Podcast

Jul 7, 2019

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I remember when Teddy and I were both first starting out on “the gram.” The immediate thing that connected us was that we were both hell bent on creating a passionate network of likeminded people just trying to be better for our patients.⠀

As the years have passed, I have been so impressed with how Teddy has been able to grow his account, maintain great content, AND keep his integrity. But above all else, I truly respect Teddy because he is a critical thinker, and takes his public authority very seriously and responsibly.

In this episode, we have a very candid (maybe too candid) discussion regarding some of these topics:

Growing an Instagram account w/ integrity

Dunning Kruger-ing/Radical Thinking regarding current clinical paradigms

Going about constructive conversations with others you might disagree with

And much more…

Also important to note for the new grads and students out there listening: our hope is you can learn from our mistakes!!! We have been prime examples of what we talk about during this episode. So hopefully it helps!

So appreciated this open conversation, Teddy! Thanks for pushing healthcare forward and leading by example.