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The Level Up Podcast

May 21, 2021

In this episode, we sat down with former APTA president (among many other things) Dr. Marilyn Moffat, who is a very outspoken advocate for embracing stronger Exercise foundation in our curricula as PTs.

She makes a very compelling case for why we should be embracing Exercise over Manual Therapy as our identity to better treat and manage both NCDs and CDs.

We also discuss:

✔️Dr. Moffat’s experience creating guidelines to implement exercise based curricula

✔️Acknowledging constraints that academicians face to implanting better Exercise coursework in curricula

✔️Why this is a huge opportunity for the PT profession to make a meaningful impact on the current healthcare landscape

✔️ Lessons learned from decades of fierce advocacy across her many leadership positions.

Trust us, you will NOT want to miss this one.

MAJOR shout out to our podcast producer @weswax (follow this man!!!) for cooking up this new intro that captures the intense but swaggy vibe we were looking for. Lucky to be surrounded by some incredibly talented and creative individuals. Let us know what ya think!

Podcast team: @weswax and @jasmine_dragon831
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