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The Level Up Podcast

Apr 9, 2021

I still remember where I was when this RCT dropped:

Effect of Intensive Patient Education vs Placebo Patient Education on Outcomes in Patients With Acute Low Back Pain”

It shook the Pain Science world, and for good reason.

It was a really solid blow to my confidence, but more importantly, an opportunity to reflect and eat some humble pie.

I really admire and respect Adrian and his team for conducting this meaningful research over a 5 year span, only to be humbled, but still share the results.

There is A LOT to unpack in this conversation, but we would highly recommend tuning and and letting us know what you think!

Some Topics Covered:

✔️ Placebo vs sham interventions

✔️ Effectiveness of active listening vs placebo interventions in reducing pain

✔️ Benefits and risks of pain education

✔️ Benefits and risks of diagnostics

✔️ How the physical architecture of the room affects quality of care

✔️ The root cause of pain – do you really need to know?

✔️ What are the risks of unnecessary medical care?

Podcast Team: @wexwax @jasmine_dragon831
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